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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 130083] Redesign LibreOffice Options Start Page


--- Comment #12 from Thomas Lendo <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to jackandmixers from comment #5)
> Users probably aren't using many of the options that already exist- perhaps
> we can figure out which ones to eliminate?
Current settings in the options dialog were carefully and well discussed
implemented/rearranged/removed/added. For limited range of the options, a bug
can created and discussed. Nothing is perfect and needs can change. But not for
the whole thing at once which would a massive overhaul changing hundrets of
details. Not all parties that have to bring in their thoughts will take part of
the discussion in a bug. And it's confusing to discuss so many changes at once.

But to come back to this request:
I still don't understand the benefit to have a third options configuration
(options dialog for average users, expert configuration for advanced users and
third and new: one or several overviews for beginners). Options dialogs always
are not designed for beginners. That's the inherent reason for it. A program
should be designed to fulfill beginners' needs. Options are fore fine tuning
extended needs. So, the request counteracts to the sense of options. IMHO.

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