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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 130083] Redesign LibreOffice Options Start Page


--- Comment #13 from andreas_k <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Thomas Lendo from comment #12)
> I still don't understand the benefit to have a third options configuration
> (options dialog for average users, expert configuration for advanced users
> and third and new: one or several overviews for beginners). Options dialogs
> always are not designed for beginners. That's the inherent reason for it. A
> program should be designed to fulfill beginners' needs. Options are fore
> fine tuning extended needs. So, the request counteracts to the sense of
> options. IMHO.

I start this request for exact that reason I don't see an benefit to have an
simple/advanced options dialog (Bug 90989) AND to reinvest the wheel. There are
a lot of users out there and I don't want to implement the options dialog cause
it could maybe an advantage.

But I also think that the User Data Options page is not the perfect first place
to start with options, cause the Address blog has so much private content and
the Cryptography is nothing an user can setup without an administrator.

So this it the idea of use the existing system and extend it with one
additional tab where you get an overview what you can configure with LibO so
something like KDE did

That's the reason I like the mockup from Heiko where you can't edit stuff on
the main page, but you can see the settings and jump to the settings correct
page, without to know where the option is located.

So the main goal is to use the existing system and improve it for better
navigation without reinvest the wheel.

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