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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 130496] Implement a PIM as a replacement for Outlook


Randy <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Randy <[hidden email]> ---
Kevin:  I agree with you that this isn't a bug.  Unfortunately, when you click
on "File an Enhancement Request", this is where it sends you.  If you post an
Enhancement Request in the "Ask" section (as I did) they CLOSE it and tell you
to post it here... and then when you do, someone tries to close it because it's
not a "bug".  Not cool.

If you don't want people getting frustrated and being "rude" then it seems
rather obvious that LO SHOULD have an area in the User Forums for
Feature\Enhancement requests.  Where users can up vote and\or down vote them.
It would help LO see what their user think is important.

As a software developer, I often recommend my clients to check out Libre
Office.  When they do, the first objection I hear is that it doesn't have an
Outlook like module.  LO does a great job of providing a replacement for
everything else in the MS Office Suite, so why would they stop short with the
Outlook part?  

As someone pointed out in one of the "bugs" you marked this as a duplicate of,
Most businesses want a COMPLETE replacement if they are going to switch a
software package.  Integration, single line of support, and simply ease of use
is important to them.  I'm trying to help LO by letting you know what my
clients have told me.  They don't see LO as being a complete replacement for MS
Office because of the lack of the Outlook module.

Finally, when my customers ask for an enhancement to my software, I don't tell
them that that is not a "bug" and send them somewhere else.  Usually I view it
as, if this important to them, it will probably be important to other potential
customers... and I usually add the new functionality they are asking for.
Apparently, an Outlook like module is something that LO users have asked for
repeatedly...  maybe LO should seriously consider it.

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