[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 135373] It is impossible to move text blocks independently of the Headings that they're underneath

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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 135373] It is impossible to move text blocks independently of the Headings that they're underneath


--- Comment #2 from Cougar Brenneman <[hidden email]> ---
I'm going to give you a nonfictional use case that happened multiple times at
Fujitsu Software, 1998 through 2000 — two full years.

I'm sitting in a developer brainstorming session, writing about ideas that I
don't understand using jargon that I don't understand, taking notes in
shorthand at break neck speed. Two hours later, I take my 50 pages of notes to
my cubicle and I type them into Word — all in text format. To me it's all
gibberish at this point.

I'm using the MS Word outliner. Once my notes are all typed, I go back to the
beginning and create half a dozen blank Heading 5 lines at the top. Then I
start to read my lines that I've typed from shorthand. When I notice that
several lines of notes are connected, I grab the button at the front of the
line, and I drag it up under one of the headings. I write a word or phrase in
the Heading 5, and I collapse it.

Eventually, all my notes are collapsed inside of Heading 5 titles. I go to the
top of the document, and I create empty Heading 4 lines. I'm beginning to
understand the document information from the meeting. I read through all of my
Heading 5 titles, and when two of them seem related, I drag them up to the
empty Heading 4s.

When everything is fully organized in this fashion, I'll uncollapse the first
section of the document, and using the buttons at the front of the line, I
rearranged all the ideas by dragging and dropping them. Sometimes I even take
them elsewhere in the document to drop them.

At the end of the week or two, I have an Agile document that is useful for both
the code architect and each of the members of the team, and they can produce a
coherent product from my organized and rewritten notes.

Any outliner that doesn't to do this is useless to me. This functionality gives
me superpowers, whether I'm writing an Agile document for a team of Java
coders, or novel, or a poem, or an article from magazine. I could give you
hundreds of nonfictional use cases from my experience alone.

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