[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 33223] Sidebar: as container for toolbars, ability to add functions missing from Sidebar

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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 33223] Sidebar: as container for toolbars, ability to add functions missing from Sidebar


--- Comment #12 from Jay Philips <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #11)
> No even when fully realized with defaults, the capability for users to
> modify the GUI as preferred is a fundamental feature contributing to
> enhanced UX, and is something that we already provide.

I guess we will disagree on this point as i see the sidebar the same way i see
a dialog box. It is built in a particular way that users cant modify. We can
give them the option to no longer see a section, like we presently allow to no
longer see a tab, but not with the rearrangement of elements within a section.

> For example on toolbars we provide "Visible buttons" and the "Customize tool
> bar dialog". Also, any toolbar can be rotated from horizontal to vertical
> and docked as such. That flexibility in layout of the GUI (actions and
> arrangement) is what is not fully realized for the Sidebar.

With toolbars, you have a simple structure of a row of buttons/controls, so in
that scenario, providing the ability to customize it has benefits. But those
benefits dont always work, e.g. make the formatting toolbar vertical in writer
and you wont be able to use the non-button elements like the style drop down,
font name drop down or font size drop down.

> And, as suggested in this issue--ability for a user to efficiently add their
> own custom content panel(s) made up of button actions from various toolbars,
> or even of entire toolbars, is a reasonable for customizable GUI.  

I guess this sounds reasonable, though i wonder about what kind of
customization dialog would be appearing for them to implement this and whether
they would be permitted to place those buttons wherever on the panel as they
please. I dont really see the benefit of putting this in a panel when they
could easily have it in a toolbar. I see panels as going beyond what a toolbar
can handle, as you can add all the elements found in the dialogs into it.

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