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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 34355] Option to show track changes in margin is missing


--- Comment #80 from Thiago Sueto <[hidden email]> ---
Hello, as a translator/proofreader, balloons would be incredibly helpful.

I typically proofread academic articles.

On average, a very well-written paper have 10 corrections per page, whereas
usual papers would have around 30 corrections per page, bad ones will range
between 40 and 60, and exceedingly bad ones range at around 70 to 90.

Usual papers are mildly/really annoying to check with inline changes, while bad
or exceedingly bad ones can be borderline unreadable.

At work, I tried using multiple office suites, including WPS Office, Softmaker
Office, OnlyOffice, even MSOffice 2010.

My colleagues stick to WPS Office for mainly two reasons: balloons, ribbon and
change scrolling (namely, when the document is terribly filled with corrections
and the side area where they usually lie gains a scrollbar to navigate through

The ribbon got pretty good with version 6.3 and while the scrollbar is
incredibly useful too, it would be more useful if balloons were there too,
which makes balloons a priority compared to scrollbars.

In addition, for other users, a new way to check popularity of bugs is this


Where the present bug report lies in #11 place in general and third place in
LibreOffice Writer, so this continues to be a very requested feature.

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