[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 37230] Calc shift-ctrl-down/up/left/right keystroke changed its behaviour

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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 37230] Calc shift-ctrl-down/up/left/right keystroke changed its behaviour


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I know the bug tracker isn't the place for 'me too' comments, but to heck with
it: me too!  I'm glad that not only 1. It apparently was possible to modify, 2.
It apparently was possible to make into a toggle, but 3. It was put in a place
where it's easily accessible.  I, for one, am now zooming about the spreadsheet
like a bat out of hell without ending up in strange places, spreadsheet limits,
or smacking my forehead and using any number of workarounds to get things done.
 I would like to thank Toma┼ż and anybody else involved for making this happen.

I see it didn't make it into the release notes, perhaps as it's still in
NEEDINFO state and may still be relocated in the future, so here's my vote for
keeping it right where it is and making mention of it in the release notes when
applicable.  The only bit I'd maybe change is the name of the toggle - however,
that hinges entirely on it not being described in the documentation yet.  Once
described, and I'd be happy to help, the toggle name itself would become more
clear. ( The same applies to e.g. 'Expand formatting' )

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