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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 38194] Style indicator in document margin


--- Comment #36 from Luke Kendall <[hidden email]> ---
Please ignore my last comment: I thought I was applying it to bug 133258.

I will note in passing though that often when I view the HTML produced from
Writer (or if I delve into the XML), I find long sequences of various kinds of
text styles that are all the same, sometimes in sequences, sometimes nested.
The style changes have no perceptible effect (they're just "no-ops") and merely
complicate the structure. So if that structure was revealed by some kind of
"show codes", it would reveal the "under the rug" complexity.

My feeling is that much of the complex structure seems to be caused merely by
editing the text - as if runs of text are broken to allow new text to be
inserted (or deleted), even though there is no change in style.  But that's
just my intuition, based on knowing I haven't applied direct formatting, simply
changed my mind about phrasing, or adding or removing information.

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