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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 38295] Many margin comments/notes are complicated to use


--- Comment #18 from BottleOnTheGround <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 153331
  --> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/attachment.cgi?id=153331&action=edit
example styling in html (should work properly in firefox)

My suggestion for the UI regarding coloring looks as described below.

  - The attachment writer_comment_UI_example.html shows a living   example of
the description below (without lines for comments, because they are difficult
  - The attachment writer_comment_UI.png shows an example of the transparency
of unfocussed comments.

Not selected / focussed comment:
  - transparency of background / marking / text is 50%.
  - marked text has dashed border

Comment selection:
  - Definition:
      - mouse cursor is hovers over comment area.
      - mouse cursor is hovers over marked text.

  - transparency of text marking border becomes 0%.
  - transparency of marked text becomes 0%.

Comment focus:
  - Definition:
      - typing cursor is inside a comment

  - like selected comment, but:
     - border width increases.
     - dashed lines are solid.

Further improvement
There is still a problem, if comments and text are so far away, that both
cannot be shown on screen. As solving that problem makes things more difficult,
I only focussed on coloring / styling in this post.

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