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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 45589] Show bookmarks: make them visible in a document


--- Comment #35 from [hidden email] ---
(In reply to Michael Stahl (CIB) from comment #31)
> possible, but it turns out the color for the pilcrow glyph at the end
> of the paragraph is hardcoded, so i just used the same color for now.
1. As one subjective opinion, it seems easy enough to see the bookmark marks
(with Formatting Marks turned on.)
2. And in this updated version, there is no longer the "conflict" in appearance
with other formatting marks (e.g., soft-hyphen, etc.).
3. So "Application Colors" is now more a matter of flexibility for taste than
necessity. (but it was nice to have pink bookmarks)
4. I leave "final opinions" about these questions to UX (especially if bookmark
visibility should not be linked to Formatting Marks, Ctrl-F10).

And an esoteric problem -- (discovered by accident)

1. Open test file in 6.3.x
2. Select all, copy and paste into document
3. In, Open Navigator, double click on each bookmark  
(effects should be obvious -- but in words)
a. "single" bookmark | got moved to the end of the word and transformed
    into [.  
b. end of "range" ( ] ) bookmark moved down a couple of words.  

No problem if testfile is opened in
No problem copying and pasting from one document to another.

(I suspect you will know why this happens --  "workaround" is to "open" a
pre-7.0 document -- just cannot copy and paste text with bookmarks from pre-7.0
documents.  Shall we predict future bug reports? (-: )

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