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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 62851] UI: Shapes without name cannot be selected via Navigator


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--- Comment #13 from Muhammet Kara <[hidden email]> ---
After taking a quick look into this, I would see it as a real bug rather than
an enhancement request.

Dev notes for anyone interested to take this on:

The unnamed shapes cannot be selected because the inner implementation uses the
shape name as a reference, and constructs & uses a bookmark out of it. So if a
shape is unnamed, it is displayed with a name like "Shape X", which is not
actually its name, and this results in a broken link/bookmark.

One of the possible solutions might be sending the pointer of the object (after
converting it into a string, and wrapping in an SfxStringItem) instead of its
name. And getting the pointer to the object at the destination, by converting
it back to a pointer.

This is where the bookmark is constructed: sd/source/ui/view/drviewsd.cxx:124
(else if (nSId == SID_NAVIGATOR_OBJECT))

You may check sfx2/source/doc/autoredactdialog.cxx for examples of the pointer
mechanics described above. (grep/search for toInt64(), and OUString::number
inside the source file)

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