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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress


--- Comment #22 from Dennis Van Dusen <[hidden email]> ---
As a bit of a noobie here, (though I worked on gnu c) And as a self-appointed
voice for the Mac Users of the World, there is a user paradigm shift afoot that
should be considered.

In the truly Apple World, it is abhorrent to take away the effort of a user.
The user should not need to tell the word processor or other tool that he wants
to keep what he has done. The user should not be forced to give up his 'place'
just because his machine shut down.

There is a huge appreciation for context and thought saving. I hate to have a
popup come into my world as I work - and I hate to have to remember where the
heck I was when I had to divert my attention. (I am both an attorney and a
developer, so I must say that it gets very difficult to keep my head anywhere).

So, step back and consider that the users who had previously expressed their
opinion regarding this 'feature' may not understand how nice it really is to be
taken care of instead of taken advantage of. This is the whole story of new
development toward ease of use. Let them keep their progress and their mind.
They, like I, are suffering more and more from loss of memory even though pot
is becoming legal.

It should not be so hard that Kumara or others have to ask for the protection.
It should also include what Apple apps do - get that user right back to where
he was - ALWAYS (unless you are using MS OFFICE)


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