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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress


--- Comment #24 from Dennis Van Dusen <[hidden email]> ---
OK, you made me think more.  

Please allow a further thought.

How many people know how to get to the top of a document in their tool of
choice with one key combination?

OK, for an alternative position,

How many people know how to get to the place in their document where they were
last working with one key combination?

And, worse:

What is the standard for that key combination on their tool of choice and

These things make a big difference when you are working at the varsity level as
Libre is now doing.

I cannot really see where the differential is between the issue being addressed
and what I would hope the answer is.

I do understand that there are writers and consumers. In fact, there is value
for both of them, unless they are using the same state / cache.  

If a user is first viewing a doc, then great - start them at the beginning -
storing that point for them where it should be stored - often in their own
machine's cache, but there is no reason not to allow that to be stored in their
'local' copy of the doc. The only major limitation for storing it in a communal
copy is the possible number of editors.

The above stands true for all users, actually - especially in context of
collaborative work.  Each user needs their own edit point. Each deserves to
have it preserved - unless that point in the presentation has been destroyed.

In the 'short term' use case, if a flash user had no way of stopping and then
restarting their copy of a presentation, not many would be happy. For
collaborators, a longer period is involved, but the same behavior is needed -
both for their short and long term use cases.

For all users, -- I should qualify -- for all Mac / Ipad / Iphone .... users,
it is consistent to preserve the exact view for each user anyway.  The above is
consistent with that standard. It really is helpful - for all users,
collaborative as well.

So, I take the point, but I think the issue will resolve in only one outcome -
everyone gets their own 'last edit' pointer, but that pointers storage area
might not be in the document for everyone.


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