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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress


--- Comment #25 from Kumāra <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Dennis Van Dusen from comment #24)
> So, I take the point, but I think the issue will resolve in only one outcome
> - everyone gets their own 'last edit' pointer, but that pointers storage
> area might not be in the document for everyone.

What you're saying here is already true for Writer and Calc. I didn't
understand why the same wasn't true for Impress until Thorsten mentioned it.
(Comment 17)

Why was that implemented? I can only guess that people wanted to be able to
start the slide show right away—from the 1st slide of course. (Can't think of
any other reason.) But that ability to do this is easily achieve by pressing

So, whatever it was the reason for the change, I don't see any reason to
maintain it.

I don't want to upset others who like it the current way though. (Too lazy to
use F5?) So, perhaps providing an option is safer.

Apparently, such an option was there in OOo 2.0. Got this from a file at

5.2.1 Option: Restore Editing View
The Options dialog – section OpenOffice.org, panel View – contains the option
“Restore: Editing view”.
If this option is marked all parameters when the document was last saved will
be restored on reopening the document. In text documents, this includes the
cursor position; in spreadsheets the active sheet; and in presentations the
selected slide or background mode.
The option is marked by default.

OR simply revert.

Is there a way to vote on such things?

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