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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress


V Stuart Foote <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #32 from V Stuart Foote <[hidden email]> ---
-- Here is UX Advice --

Use of F5 accelerators as currently implemented provide the best UX.

A toolbar or menu button action to call the .uno:RestoreEditingView would not
be an unreasonable enhancement.

Placement on the Standard TB "View", or possibly the "SlideShow" menu would be
functional location to provide a button action -- "Return to last edited
slide...  Alt+Shift+F5"

But, could also be included a button action during rework of Impress view tabs
of bug 87672

Resolving fixed.


LibreOffice Impress is both the editing and the viewing application for ODF
Presentations. Simply put, vastly more Presentations will be opened for
viewing, than opened for editing. Accordingly, by design as noted in bug
58505--default opening with F5 at the first slide, and <Shift>+F5 opening
presentation from the current slide selected, with navigator or from the slide
sorter, was implemented as reasonable UX. This corrected OOo inherited action
of F5 always opening SlideShow at current slide.

Also, assigning <Shift>+F5 to open slide show to current slide, displacing the
long present, but non-functional, use of <Shift>+F5 to reposition edit session
to last used position was reasonable UX.

Inherited from OOo Impress Navigator is launched with F5_SHIFT_MOD1
(<Ctrl>+<Shift>+<F5>), that and the slide sorter panel allow GUI navigation to
desired slide.  However, also inherited from OOo, is an accelerator assigned to
restore edit session of presentation to the last edited slide. However, the
F5_SHIFT accelerator (<Shift>+<F5>) was never functional in LibreOffice.

For the 4.1 branch, LibreOffice UX design rework assigned use of F5 and
<Shift>+F5 to control SlideShow menu actions.  The non-functional open at last
edited slide was reassigned to F5_SHIFT_MOD2 (<Alt>+<Shfit>+F5) accelerator.

Function of that UNO command was corrected prior to release of 4.2 branch and
is correct through current master.

In short--the accelerator exists and functions as designed/intended. The last
edit location details are recorded into the ODF .ODP archive and are exposed to
the VeiwShell for use during an Impress editing session. The accelerator
F5_SHIFT_MOD2 now functions as intended to reposition the edit session to last
edited slide. Nothing to be done for this enhancement, resolving fixed.


As Thorsten noted in comment 17, the feature exists and is functional using the
UNO command .uno:RestoreEditingView

While code is present in LO, and F5_SHIFT_MOD1 correctly launches Navigator,
not clear F5_SHIFT ever worked. Just verified it is inoperable 3.3.0 ->

The non-functional command was reassigned from F5_SHIFT accelerator by work
(Joren, Kuba, and Samuel) on bug 58505 which defines Slide Show accelerators
for Presentation:

F5 - Start from first slide,
F5_SHIFT - Start from current slide

And creates respectively these Presentation module commands:

It reassigned .uno:RestoreEditingView to
F5_SHIFT_MOD2 - Restore last editing view

While the reassignment of Presentation module F5 and F5_SHIFT to new UNO
commands are functional for 4.1 branch, the uno.RestoreEditingView was not.

The linkage was finally corrected (possibly by Steven B's work on
ViewShellBase.cxx) and was fully functional with the F5_SHIFT_MOD2 accelerator
for release. It remains so.


OOo work Assigning Navigator to <Ctrl><Shift><F5>, and creating
RestoreEditingView action

Initial commit for bug 58505

additional clean up for bug 58505

work on ViewShell

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