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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 75045] sidebar: Remove pointless controls from Paragraph panel


--- Comment #7 from Stefan Knorr (astron) <[hidden email]> ---
None of the changes listed in this bug sound helpful to me:

+ icons are not as speaking as one might wish => there is a reason why
  the labels are there

+ increase/decrease buttons: they save you from thinking too much about
  indents (or spacing), are much faster to use than the spin buttons
  and produce consistent results

+ paragraph background colour button is indeed a bit wide, but showing the
  selected colour in a larger box is a good thing because that makes it more
  conspicuous (I would wish for that colour box to be a square next to the
  icon, but the  current look is definitely better than the proposals in the

+ moving the _paragraph_ spacing buttons directly next to the _line_ spacing
  button (as in attachment 94153) is even more confusing than the current

(The "even better solution" introduces even more disarray. Please read up on
the Gestalt principles.)

I'd tend towards closing as INVALID or NOTABUG.

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