[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 80752] UX proposal, a relatively easy way to improve LibreOffice visual appearance (but not Ribbons)

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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 80752] UX proposal, a relatively easy way to improve LibreOffice visual appearance (but not Ribbons)


--- Comment #10 from Ljiljan <[hidden email]> ---
My suggestion was not to remove current way of toolbar behavour, but rather to
add possibilities for users to choose. You want flexibile toolbars -> somewhere
in options you should be able to select it. You want fixed toolbar, but
changing accoring to context -> you should be able to select this option.

Current toolbar behaviour is annyoing (not completely, but at least 20% of my
time). There is no way to disable some toolbars for appearing and changing
their position (somehow you can change for current session).

I would like to completely switch to sidebar, but some options are still
missing there so combination of toolbar and sidebar is still required.

I prefer minimalistic design. Only most important toolbars should be enabled.
When I want to insert table, table toolbar popup but it usualy take some
aditional place on my screen and it moves my text down. When I click somewhere
else (outside table) it dissapears and move my text up. Then you move again to
the table and toolbars appear and move your text up/ down. I agree that this
problem would be fixed if I keep table toolbar on fixed position, but that
means less space for real work (writing text and creating other content). I
find this annoying, but I understand that some people want to have 25 toolbars
open at the same time. But I don't. So creating this option would give both
group of people what they want.

Table toolbar is not the only problem. Navigation toolbar keeps pop-up-ing as
well as some other toolbars.

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