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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 80941] LibreOffice should be installable from a GUI


Jean-Baptiste Faure <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #20 from Jean-Baptiste Faure <[hidden email]> ---
I disagree with wasting resources to design a GUI installer for Linux.

If the user is not an advanced user, he should rely on the version provided by
its distribution. If this version is too old, he should upgrade its
distribution or learn the means provided by its distribution to follow the most
recent version of LibreOffice (ad-hoc ppa in Ubuntu for example).

If the user is an advanced user, he will not find any gain using a GUI to do
what he certainly already does with a script (== only one command). I build LO
several times a day in release configuration and each time I make a standard
installation, I only need to type a command like "sudo ./install_LO5". It is
far easier than using a GUI because in my script I make 4 installations,
LibreOffice, fr localization, fr help and en-us help. How many clicks to do the
same in a GUI?

If the user is not an advanced user but want to make QA-test, I think that this
user need to become an advanced user and be able to repair its LibreOffice
installation and even its system. For him, command line installation is an
easier task than losing time with a GUI.

Best regards. JBF

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