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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 83726] Applying Styles Does Not Consistently Set Character Properties


Octavio Alvarez <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Octavio Alvarez <[hidden email]> ---
This is clearly not a bug as stated in previous comments. The paragraph has the
'regular weight' formatting attribute directly applied, and thus, everything
else is working just as designed.

It *is* consistent and users that know how this works will find quickly resort
to using CTRL+M to make sure Direct Formatting is not affecting the application
of styles.

The user abused DF by removing DF by applying more DF. In fact, the user
applied bold in the first place because he didn't know how to use Character
Styles (or he was lazy). That's not a bug of the program.

To override part of the paragraph, the user had three options. Please see the
example that follows:

1. Delete all text after the period in "original.", including next paragraphs.
Make sure the period is the very last character.

2. Select the last paragraph ("Shiffer [...] original.") and hit CTRL+M.

With this the paragraph is DF-clean [*].

3. While still selected, hit Ctrl+B for Bold.

4. Select "no different [...] original." and hit Ctrl+B again.

This is how the user got into this situation. Continue with the reproduction of
the behavior:

5. Hit Enter.

6. Apply Heading 3.

7. Type. -- Text is correctly of regular weight.

The user had 3 chances of doing things right.

First and proper one, use Character Styles:

3. Only mark "Shifer [...] Books" and apply the "Strong emphasis" character
style. Select the paragraph and hit Ctrl+M; you'll notice the document keeps
the bold because no DF is applied; no place for confusion.

Second one, only override what is needed:

3. Only mark "Shifer [...] Books" and hit Ctrl+B.

Third one, un-override the formatting instead of reoverriding it:

4. Select "no different [...] original." and hit Ctrl+M to remove his DF,
instead of overriding it with more DF.

Because this bug is about consistent application of character properties and
Writer *is* consistently applying character properties, this is clearly not a
bug and thus I'm closing it as such.

The confusion arises from the visual semantics of the second click on the
"Bold" button. Visually, the bold button is "unpressed", the mental mapping
being that the DF is removed and leaving the last part paragraph DF-clean, and
thus, having the application of Header 3 behave as expected. Reality is
different: By re-clicking on the Bold button, another DF is applied to change
Bold weight for Regular weight. This is where the confusion comes from. What if
the style is Header 3 and we clicked on Bold to "unpress" it to override the
bold for a regular weight?

[*] I abbreviate Direct Formatting as DF.

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