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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 86595] TOOLBAR: Changing the tooltip of character background color


--- Comment #2 from Zolnai Tamás <[hidden email]> ---
I have an other problem with the name "Highlighting":

In MS Word there are two kind of character background attributes. The first one
is called "Shading" which is closer to LO's character background and so our MS
export filters (except RTF) saves character background as shading.

On the other hand, the second character background of MS Word is called
"Highlighting", which is not supported by LO, because LO supports only one
character background attribute.

These names make our users confused because we call our character background as
"Highlighting" on the toolbar, but this highlighting does not match with the
one MS Word uses and is not exported to MS formats as MS Word highlighting.

The bug report:

So I think this problem can be solved by forgetting the name "Highlighting" and
also the highlighter icon. Instead we can use "Text Background Color" or
"Character Background Color" and the icon also should be changed accordingly.

Next to this interoperability problem it's always a good idea to call the same
thing on the same way. By now we have the name "character background" and
"highlighting" for exactly the same thing. These two names have a little
difference in meaning (e.g. background color specifies the place of the color,
but the name highlighting speaks about the function of this color attribute).

See also a discussion about this started by me on dev list:

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