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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 87842] Writer zoom at "page width" view without grey space


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Hi, Jay.

With all due respect (and I mean that very literally), your comment does not
acknowledge the content of what I've already said.

* Optimal View cuts off half the margins (see newest attachment)
* Web Layout doesn't show the page layout
* Page Width includes the very gutter that I'm arguing against

My arguments against your counter-points remain:

* that other word processors have this gutter doesn't make it "good"
* touch-pads and touch-mice make the window slide laterally in Optimal View
* manually adjusting the zoom is finicky

Thus, my conclusion remains: it would be *really* easy to just have an option
that doesn't include the gutter.

I have yet to see an actual argument for the *function and utility* of the
gutter. What does it do? What information does it provide that justifies its
existence? I don't think there is any. I think you're all just really used to
it being there.

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