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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 93318] Buttons on extreme left of Tab bar


--- Comment #3 from Tomaz Vajngerl <[hidden email]> ---
It is not about offense but if we should take you seriously or not. I usually
listen to users and try to find a compromise that would work for them but I
don't take any user seriously that ends every sentence with an exclamation mark
or has a passive-aggressive tone.

(In reply to Alex from comment #2)
> I did not intend any offense in the enhancement I submitted!  Please note
> that I said "please" before each request, and meant it genuinely!  However,
> I stand behind the opinion I expressed that scarce resources had been
> applied to the wrong priorities in this case.  

I worked on this in my free time to improve the tab bar in Calc so instead of
this I could go running or climbing instead, so no resources were wasted.
There are also no priorities for "features" in LO. Volunteers work on things
they find interesting.  

> I really fail to comprehend the reasons for the changes I "vented" about in
> the original submittal. If you have scores of sheets in a workbook, the
> utility of going quickly to the beginning or end of that tab sequence is
> used frequently.  Requiring two hands (Ctrl + mouse-click) should never be a
> requirement for any request (an alternate short-cut maybe, but never
> required).  If those two button controls were removed to make way for
> another ability to add a new sheet, then the trade-off was flawed.  How
> difficult is it to right-click anywhere on the tab bar to pop-up a window
> giving you the option of saying how many new sheets you want, where to put
> them, and what name to call them?  How many times do people add sheets in
> the first place, nor not want to give them a name besides "Sheet_" when they
> do?  If there are users craving such a button, then I wouldn't want to deny
> them that wish; but, not if a required  tradeoff is the loss of the "First
> Sheet" and "Last Sheet" buttons.   If you keep the new sheets button, then
> at least place it at the other end of the tab bar, where it won't get
> confused with the scroll buttons and clicked accidentally.   Please note
> that if I could fix this myself for my own desires, I would, but as far as I
> know, I can't customize the tab bar controls to add back what someone else
> decided was superfluous and removed.

Now that scrollbar is in a different position and sheets have a lot of space,
the need for this buttons has decreased so this was my reason to remove them or
better - combine the functions into "Left", "Right" buttons. Instead of "ctrl +
mouse click" I could make it a "double click" if this is a solution to the

The "add new sheet" button was moved from "Right" because it was implemented as
a hack with a new sheet and was not a real button before. Now on the right it
is also in a consistent place and not hidden from the user.

> Any
> developers who have time on their hands should go tackle the Basic IDE User
> Interface!

No, thank you.

Anyway, I'll change what the UX team decides we should do about this.

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