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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 93318] Buttons on extreme left of Tab bar


--- Comment #4 from tommy27 <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Tomaz Vajngerl from comment #3)

> It is not about offense but if we should take you seriously or not. I
> usually listen to users and try to find a compromise that would work for
> them but I don't take any user seriously that ends every sentence with an
> exclamation mark or has a passive-aggressive tone.
> (In reply to Alex from comment #2)
> ...
> I worked on this in my free time to improve the tab bar in Calc so instead
> of this I could go running or climbing instead, so no resources were wasted.
> ...

your work has to be appreciated like all your other contributions to LibO and
as I said before I really did not like the tone of this rant.

> Now that scrollbar is in a different position and sheets have a lot of
> space, the need for this buttons has decreased so this was my reason to
> remove them or better - combine the functions into "Left", "Right" buttons.
> Instead of "ctrl + mouse click" I could make it a "double click" if this is
> a solution to the rant.
> ...

I think that "double-click" instead of "ctrl + mouse click" would be a perfect

double clicking is a faster and one-hand-only solution and is much intuitive
than ctrl+mouse

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