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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 94425] UI: Triggers to Automatically Open Sidebar


--- Comment #5 from Luke <[hidden email]> ---
> I would assume sidebar users would always have the sidebar open and if they
> close/hide the sidebar to momentarily free space
Not in my case. Since other apps that use sidebars will automatically pop them
up when they are relevant, I keep them closed mostly so I can focus on the

> They are doing this for a limited set of things where they can fit
> everything that was in a dialog into the sidebar.
Mostly, but MSO 2013 still has many rarely used dialog options that are not
available on the sidebar. For example advanced paragraph and style sheet
options can only be set in dialogs.

> If you think that sidebar users would like to have the option to change the
> behaviour of double click
Yes, I do. The default could be off until more dialogs are put into the

Ease of discoverability is at the heart of all good UX designs, which is why I
think this is an important feature.

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