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[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Icons for New Track Changes Toolbar

Hi All,

We have a new toolbar coming into 4.2 and it'd be fantastic to get some
nice icons. Michael just pushed the toolbar ("changes"), it's a review
toolbar which is for "track changes".

That being said I believe there are quite a few icons we'll need -

1. Accept All/Reject All
2. Accept/Reject
3. Next Change/Previous Change (Michael suggested we can perhaps use the
arrows which already exist in our icon set for this)
4. Comments (there are two different kinds of comments, if you do a pull
and build you'll see this, one is the general comments which has an
icon, the other is a comment about the change, unfortunately both of
these are called "comment"

I think that's it, CC'ing Michael in case he sees something that I missed.

Thanks all!

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