Meeting Minutes - Documentation - April 23rd, 2020

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Meeting Minutes - Documentation - April 23rd, 2020

Thursday April 23rd 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Pulkit Krishna (12:00 UTC part, IRC), Olivier, Steve Fanning,
Toni Blackwelder, Randolph Gamo, Dan Lewis, Leo Moons, Emiliano Vavassori

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

TDF Jitsi Room

Topics and Discussion:

(1) Would like to discuss the proposed revision to Appendix A of the
Calc Guide (Keyboard Shortcuts) - see my message to the mailing list on
13th April.
+ Added a 3rd column for Mac + review shortcuts from Customization UI.
    + Contents became dense (Olivier)
    + Suggest a section on Windows/Unix (same kbd) and another for Mac,
all in same appendix A.
    + Is it going to increase size? (Leo)
    + just 10 pages (SF)

-> Go for 2 sections (all)

(2) Would like to confirm that the team is happy to drop Appendix B
(Description of Functions) from the next issue of the Calc Guide.

-> Delete the chapter, all information is in Help and is accurate.

(3) Would like to discuss whether a usable alphabetical index would be
benficial in the Calc Guide.

+ Index is useful (sf)
+ Jean Weber has concerns on quality of the selected words.
+ concordance file? - list of words, not very selective (oh, sf)
+ already tried in Calc, need rework/cleanup (sf)
-> Add it if good enough, otherwise just don't add it. (all)

(4) Discuss whether to produce a 6.4 Calc Guide or target 7.0. (I have
analysed the Calc changes listed in the 6.3 and 6.4 release notes and
can brief the meeting). Consider approach of regular small updates
rather than big bang approach?
Pro 7.0
+ release at time of software, good for community/user
+ magnify release announcement impact
Pro 6.4
    + few addition, manageable
    + target end of May (sf) but depends on revision (sf)
    + I can help in revision of calc (Leo Moons)
-> Keep 6.4 release and prepare for 7.0

(1)When will Dan and Drew complete their review of the chapter 7 and 9
of the base Guide Respectively?

+ More work is needed to complete and review, things have changed in the
contents and needs rework (Dan Lewis)
    + issues in mail merge, new screenshots.

+ Question on tables with no keys, how to have it managed in the UI (Dan)
    + Use SQL to achieve that.

(2)Which version should we use for rewriting the base guide?

+ 4 or 5 items that requires the change.
+ Keep 6.4 and if ready, ok otherwise bump to 7.0.

(3)I have an idea in my mind ever since I joined the docs team. I know
that it is hard to release the documentation of a partcular version
along with it. I think a better idea would be to release the
documentation when the version becomes stable. It will give more tome to
the volunteers. The website team can add a line near the download button
for stable version that this version has got documentation. Technology
enthusiast, early adopter or power user can do without documentation I

+ topic not discussed -> next meeting

     + Find and replace : diff between format and attribute (Toni)
       + confusing UI "attribute" vs "Format" (tb)
       + Seems 'Attribute' is for S&R of character formats, while
'Format' is for paragraph formats. (olivier)
       + Help does no Help, will play around on the issue & communicate
to mailing list (tb)
       + worth review the UI terminology to make it more intuitive (olivier)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* May 7th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.
Olivier Hallot
LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator
Comunidade LibreOffice
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Local Time: UTC-03:00

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