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Membership Committee self-nomination

Hello world,

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the Membership Committee.

My name is Katarína Behrens and I'm a LibreOffice hacker, involved with the
project since 2010, initially as a part of SUSE development team and then as a
volunteer contributor (once you start hacking LibreOffice, it is not really easy
to stop ;-)). Since 2015, I work for CIB as a professional bug squasher and
hacking LibreOffice is my day job again.

My passion is writing the code, in particular UI code and given that, I do
enjoy building a bridge between the hackers like myself and UX/design

As a GSoC mentor, I've brought couple of (mostly UI/UX) project to a
successful end and discovered that helping newcomers with their first
development steps and seeing them succeed is incredibly rewarding experience,
so I happily engage in mentoring all year long.

Given all of that, working days when I can't join LibreOffice IRC channel and
say "Hello world" are not quite the same anymore :)

And now finally the formal agenda:

Full name: Katarína Behrens
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Affiliation: CIB
E-Mail: bubli AT bubli DOT org

My 75 word statement:

I'm a long-time LibreOffice code contributor, working for CIB as a professional
LibreOffice bug squasher.

I'd like to put my connection with both code and design community (together
with the knowledge of multiple languages) to good use in the Membership
Committee. By serving there, I'd love to help building a diverse community,
where everyone regardless of their gender, ethnicity or disability has their
say and where both code and non-code contributions are equally valued.

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