Minutes from the Mon Dec 18 infra call

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Minutes from the Mon Dec 18 infra call

 1. guilhem
 2. Brett
 3. cloph

 * salt refactoring:
    - Q Brett: thanks for the ‘deduplicate’ branch!  I didn't merge it as is
      though, but rebased it first to revert e9ad6a3 (apache state is used by
      download.tdf) and the whitespace normalization to binary files under
      ipmicfg/ipmicfg; see `git diff --stat origin/deduplicate..2700bb2` for
    - Q Brett: OK to review/merge validation branch?
      . B: Not ready! Jinja tends to throw off yamllint and sed statements are
        a little tricky to implement.
      . also, we need to decide whether we want the CI to be in jenkins or in
    - dedup also needed for pillar (AI guilhem)
    - Is anyone using byobu as terminal multiplexer?  OK to remove?  Or at least demote to non-default
      . yes /me uses it (or rather I use it because it doesn't mess up
        scrollback in gnome-terminal) - fine with not enabling it as default
        for (new) users (cloph)
    - Proposal: remove cracklib, AFAIK no frontend uses it and it pulls tons
      of dictionaries (wnorwegian, wspanish, etc.) → OK
    - Other packages that probably shouldn't be installed by default:
      discover, dmidecode (maybe keep on physical machines), eject,
      gcc-6-base, isc-dhcp-client, manpage-de, task-english, tasksel, usbutils
 * website: http:// requests are 302 redirect to https:// since last week,
   ok to make permanent at the end of the month?
 * mirrorbrain: 32/114 mirrors now have an https:// baseurl
 * [rdm#2256] MTA: replaced nullmailers with a relayhost on vm202
   - still being deployed to existing VMs (bugzilla, askbot, gerrit, etc)
   - after deploying a new VM one and run a highstate now needs to re-apply
     the mail state on vm202 (in addition to the rsnapshot state on berta.tdf)
 * SSO: we now have 447 LDAP entries, and of the 132 wiki editors of the past
   90 days 60% are still not in LDAP
   - need Dennis' help to set up the banner
 * Pootle backmigration: box not ordered yet, blocked by the network
   bottleneck issue (two hypers have their public link capped at 100Mb/s).
   - G: move download.tdf from excelsior to falco
 * cloph to G. please commit & push infra-doc/ip.rst :-)
 * Next call: Tuesday January 16 2018 at 18:30 Berlin time (17:30 UTC)


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