Minutes from the Tue Aug 17 infra call

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Minutes from the Tue Aug 17 infra call


1. guilhem
2. Brett
3. Cloph
4. yuhl


 * dauntless crash:
   + thanks cloph for taking care of the emergency
   + some images to migrate away from delta still
   + cloph: not super urgent, but better sooner than later
     . delta is 2x(2+1), others are 1x3
     . only delta was affected, likely due to the distributed nature
     . keep the other volumes for now, they have not been affected by the last
       hyper crashes
     . AI guilhem: continue the work on that this week-end
 * PiTR
   + add the doc to salt (barman/README.md)?  or to infra-doc?
     . infra-doc is a sphinx-generated (.rst)
     . no objection for adding it to salt
   + Brett: is synchronous mode OK?
     . let's have it on for now, don't foresee any bottleneck for the [matrix]
       box, we'll see later how that develops for the other DBs
     . AI guilhem: merge the branch and deploy on vm221
 * gandalf: new baseline (tumbleweed), can be used as a build bot again
   + AI cloph
 * yulh: welcome!
   + quick intro: previous sysadmin at the university of Geneva, working with
     Debian, Salt and IPv6; free software advocate in the Geneva area
   + not coming to https://libocon.org/
   + possible low-hanging/onboarding tasks:
     . salt documentation
     . gitlab CI, https://infratools.documentfoundation.org
       AI guilhem: send invite
   + mirrorbits https://github.com/etix/mirrorbits
   + rdm#2555: Google Search in https://help.libreoffice.org could be replaced
     by something using ES documents, for instance https://github.com/cweiske/phinde
   + AI send ssh pubkey to [hidden email], guilhem to place it in pillar
   + AI subscribe to [hidden email]
     (drop a line to [hidden email])
 * Next call: Sep 17 at 16:30 UTC


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