Minutes from the Tue Jan 15 infra call

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Minutes from the Tue Jan 15 infra call


1. guilhem
2. Brett (late join)
3. cloph


 * Pending items:
   + OS upgrades: download boxes (vm18[56])
     - upgrading the php stack on the ss3 test box required some tweaks →
       double check before reproducing to vm168
     - can also keep php5 while we're deploying / tuning php7
     - AI guilhem: upgrade this week, or early next week, or after
       FOSDEM / 6.2 release
   + ES 5.6.x, EOL'ed on March 11
   + tb31 upgrade/migration, incl. lcov
     . can migrate lcov to another more recent box with a newer gcc if we
       can't get a hold of the provider and upgrade tb31
     . cloph: nice to have for the FOSDEM hackfest, but no big deal if not
   + private subnet for intranet (br1)
 * download counter / update checks (Brett)
   + pending, plan to work more on that in the next two weeks (before
     the FOSDEM hackfest)
   + found an apache2 module, might be desirable, but not clear if it
     pipelinines the requests to matomo
   + guilhem: can tune the pipelining later on, let's avoid premature
     optimizations for now
   + have some questions, will follow up by email to archive the
     discussion on the list
 * Next call: Tuesday February 19 2019 at 18:30 Berlin time (17:30 UTC).


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