Minutes from the Tue Oct 17 infra call

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Minutes from the Tue Oct 17 infra call

1. guilhem
2. cloph

  * Salt refactoring
    + Brett has started some work on basic YAML validation scripts to help
      with getting CI up and running.
      Tricky because the .sls files contain jinja which trips up yamllint, so
      working on some clever sed commands to replace them with something
    + G. as mentioned during LibOCon, lagging behind wrt. patch/branch reviews :-/
  * Download charts are now publicly available at
    (vm143, using Norbert's download counter)
    cloph: wants detailed stats for 32 vs. 64 bits
  * Pootle back-migration:
    + order an XL root server at Manitu (AI guilhem)
    + deployed SAML 2.0 auth on the wiki's test instance
    + changed auth method of /some/ NextCloud accounts to LDAP; configured SAML
    + use LDAP-based auth (sub-HTTP requests) for protected pad
    + deploy LemonLDAP::NG (auth portal, SAML/OAuth2/… IdP/SdP) to vm181; will
      replace the custom user panel once the DIT has been populated enough
    + https://user.documentfoundation.org/ can now accept secondary email
      addresses (which we'll use to link the DN to accounts on external
    + G. Now working on a per-service username/password prompt to link
      services to the LDAP DN.
      - Once this is done, send a reminder to all TDF members, board, MC,
        staff that aren't in LDAP (AI guilhem)
      - cloph: also chase addresses of gerrit reviewers, bugzilla, etc.
        active in the last 2 months also and not in LDAP yet
    + G. gave an update at LibOCon, incl. migration blockers and upgrade path
    + C. gave a reminder before the closing ceremony (+15 entries created
      since then)
    + cloph: we could also create banners to the login form of bugzilla,
      Pootle, etc.  to remind users of the upcoming migration
  * Next call: November 21 at 18:30 Berlin time (17:30 UTC, beware of DST!)


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