Minutes of the tech. steering call

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Minutes of the tech. steering call

+ Present: Andras, Bjoern, Caolan, Cedric, Kendy, Norbert, Stefan, Rainer,

+ Finished Action Items
        + create top-level libexttextcat repo (Michael)
        + get Jan's gcc cutting down script (Michael)
        + get misc. make rules & options documented (Bjoern)

+ Pending Action Items
        + default to TM safe (non-TDF) branding (Thorsten)
        + enable on-line updates for QA for dailies ... (Kendy)
        + publicise / aggregate our list of ODF proposals / extensions (Thorsten)
        + propose a machine spec that would suffice gerrit (Bjoern)

* Agenda items
        + pending action items
        + when to run tests for best productivity (Bjoern)

                + we have unittests, some are too slow
                + the proposal is to extract those slow ones to separate
                  target and run that with subsequent tests
                + maybe better to have the possibility to build without
                  running the unit tests?  So that there not 2 tiers of
                + consensus: let it as it is now, one can build without
                  running the unittests using 'make build' in gbuild should
                  he/she need a fast turnaround
        + openSymbol font issue (Caolan)

                + let's extend openSymbol, only possible problem is that the
                  user has 2 versions
                + let's not rename it, instead insert a version gap

        + experiences with gerrit (Bjoern + Norbert)

                + test instance is not good - hitting the memory limit of the
                  box :-(
                + workflow itself looked good, though
                + Bjoern liked that, but for real use, bigger machine would be
                + Norbert liked it too, would be good to link to a tinderbox,
                  problem is how to push directly to the fd.o repos - if there
                  are conflicts, manual intervention is needed
                + nice for the 3 approvals for the release branches
                + when the tinderbox integration is done, it would help eg.
                  gbuild patches that tend to break other platforms

                + now need a bigger machine, to be able to set it up for
                  'core', Bjoern will come up with a proposal of the machine
                  spec that would suffice

        + no release bits (Petr on vacation)
        + QA update (Rainer)

                + business as usual :-)
                + no new master builds recently, what's up?
                        + there were trouble building on Windows
                        + now nearly fixed, tinderbox could have the build in
                          up to 2 days [slow machine]
                + new statistics: http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/RBd/TSC_Call_Minutes#TSC_Call_2011-09-12

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