Navigating Labels (frames) in Writer

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Navigating Labels (frames) in Writer


How does one jump from one label to the next in Writer (I'm using 3.6, but I don't think I figured out how to do this in 3.5 either)?

I've tried all the usual suspects, such as various combinations of Ctrl/Alt/Whatever plus Enter, Tab, arrows, etc. but nothing seems to work, and the cursor remains right where it was.

Someone suggested Shift+F4, which *selects* the label below (which isn't actually the "next" label in the traditional left-to-right way of thinking, and selecting the label (which seems to be a frame) still requires that you click outside the frame and then re-click it to begin typing, which is actually more trouble than just using the mouse to select the next label.

It is possible to do this by using the navigator (F5), but on a new sheet of labels the names are Frame1, Frame2, etc., and this also seems like more trouble than just using the mouse.

I've gone through all the help files and the mapping screens and haven't located anything that seems appropriate.

I'm thinking there must certainly be some key combination to place the cursor in the next frame, so if anyone knows what this is, I'd sure appreciate knowing it.