Nominate Ahmad Haris to run for next Membership Committee

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Nominate Ahmad Haris to run for next Membership Committee

Hi all,

I hereby nominate Ahmad Haris, an active FOSS enthusiast from Indonesia,
to run for Membership Committee.

Haris is the founder of BlankOn, an Indonesian Linux distribution based
on Debian testing.  He led the Indonesian FOSS community for some
years.  In early years he had run business providing (FOSS) system
building and services for government.  During that time they resided
WebODF in their system successfully.

In March 2018 Haris hosted the LibreOffice Conference Indonesia very
successfully.  I believe that he should get involved more and play an
important role in LibreOffice community.  Therefore running for MC is a
good chance, also because he can attract more people for participating
FOSS tasks.

Name: Ahmad Haris

E-mail: [hidden email]

Affiliation: (left empy to let him fill)


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