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PDF Forms - Trying to /not/ reinvent the wheel.

I've done a lot of searching including the list archived and I've found
no answers yet.

I've been able to take a document and turn it into a form and export it
as a PDF form for filling in.

I'm looking to find out if anyone's (successfully I hope) created a PDF
form this way which *includes a little bit of javascript (or any other
script) which allows for some minor field manipulations.*

I just want to make sure I'm not accelerating towards a brick wall. ;)

My objective is simple. There's a lot of examples that already exist
that show how to create a date field in a form that is updated/filled in
when the PDF is opened. I'd like to get that field filled in using a
specific format and then have it validated.

All of the examples are how to do this using one of the Adobe tools to
put some javascript into place to make this work.

I'd like to find out if that javascript and field relationship can be
created from LibreOffice.

Thanks for everyone's time and bandwidth.

Any guidance is welcome.

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