Question on Command Line options for Writer??

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Question on Command Line options for Writer??

I've done things with Calc, and it has options to set how
the importing of csv files goes..

Was chatting with a person that was trying to convert odt
to pdf files via command line. That was actually simple.

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf filename.odt

Issue was that it uses the last options that was used from

63229 Aug92019 lisarequest.odt(Original ODT File)
55911 Aug92019 lisarequest2.pdf (Exported from GUI)
124092 Feb3 01:46 lisarequest3.pdf (Exported from
Command Line but last time had set the option to create hybrid)
66932 Feb3 03:26 lisarequest.pdf(Changed option in GUI to
remove the check on hybrid, exited program, redid command line

Have looked for a way to do this on command line, but everything
I've found seems to say you have to do it in the GUI settings??

With calc, I have a script that uses
libreoffice --infilter=CSV:59,34,76,1,,,,true$f.csv
That opens the csv file with the exact options I need.

Perhaps writer can do the same, but I've not found how??


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