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Questions about OpenGL


During QA activity, I've noticed more and more bugs (including about
crash) which involved OpenGL. In general, I advise to upgrade graphic
driver first, then ask to provide opengl_device.log if the bug is still

But there's also perf pb (see tdf#101162), whereas it should be bring
better perfs.

So here are some questions about OpenGL part in LO:

1) Are there people which may help/put on cc about these bugs?

I found no one on

2) What about graphic card driver version/env blacklist politics?

I mean, I pushed this patch

(blacklist Intel HD Graphics 630 for non minimal version)

and there's another one in review
( which would blacklist
completely the graphic card since even with the last version of graphic
card driver, it crashes.

Should these blacklist items must regularly reviewed and so we should
ping reporters to know if it's better with a graphic card driver upgrade?

Eg: once a year, ping reporters and ask them to upgrade their driver and
give a new try?

I don't think it's realistic but don't know how to deal with this.

3) crashreports may show opengl part but how to know if it's due to a
buggy driver or due to OpenGL implementing LO part?


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