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Re: Calc F2 cursor trail between brackets of function [Was: ]

nasrin khaksar wrote:
> hi mark.
> thanks for your reply about question about calc.

I assume you're referring to the thread "Calc F2 cursor trail between
brackets of function". It's easier to follow if you reply-all to the
message you're responding to.

> how about openGL in version 4.4.6?
> is it enabled by default or not?

 From <>, it looks like OpenGL
has been available since 4.3 but only enabled by default since 5.0.2.
Presumably for versions between those you'd have to explicitly enable it
in the options.

> i read in the link that you sent, its enable by default since version
> 5.0.2 and we should copy one file to registry to desable it in case of
> crash on openning program.
> in other side, i read somewhere that recognizes the problem by default
> and if crashes in the first time, its desable in the second time
> automaticly.
> is it possible? and which one is true?

I would think it possible that LibreOffice could automatically disable
OpenGL if it detects a crash on first start, but I don't know if it's
actually done that way. It might not be desirable to do that in case the
crash is for some other reason not related to OpenGL. Not knowing where
you saw that I can't really comment further.


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