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Hi fellowtraveller, *

I can't really help you with the build problem you're having, but I'm the one
who created the easy hack you're interested in
( and I'm certainly able to
provide the necessary mentoring and assistance with the task. It's a nice one
to get started with.

It'd be helpful if you'd install Glade (it is surely packaged in your Linux
distribution) and get familiar with it. You can do without it if you're
comfortable with editing XML files manually, but that is certainly more error-

Next, here: is
everything you ever wanted to know about .ui files in LibO. You don't need
most of that information, but it contains some useful bits on how to actually
use Glade (exporting GLADE_CATALOG_SEARCH_PATH is important).

I'm on freedesktop IRC ~every working day, you can also poke me there.


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