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Re: Libre Writer Help download + Margin adjustment

Hello Charles

Suggest you go to a more current stable version, 6.3.5.

Allow download to begin. On that page, click on "LibreOffice built-in help".

If that doesn't work, then, after downloading the package, use browser
to go back to same page and click on the green link that says ":

  * Help for offline use: *English (US)*

Do not use(Torrent
unless that is type of download you want.

On 3/1/20 2:37 PM, charles meyer wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> I hope this email fiend you well.
> I downloaded the most recent version of Libre Office (.6.2. something
> ) running on Windows 10 Pro on a laptop.
> I need to download the help file which works with Libre Writer.
> Would you pls share the direct link to that download?
> Also, I can't seem to find where you adjust margins in Writer.

Menu <Format><Page> and change Left/Right margins.

This is also the place for changing 'Orientation' from Landscape to

> It used to be under Edit or File>Page Layout.
> I have "text" words in an Excel spreadsheet file. I copy and the paste
> them into a Libre Write new document but about 1/3 of those words goo
> off the page to the right so I can't read them.

Sorry, but I am not familiar with how Excel copies to Writer.

What I always do when copying from an uncommon format is clear it and
use the software's format.

Highlight incorrectly formatted text, then Menu <Format><Clear Direct

> I don't know how to reach Landscape (from Portrait) to read
> the words/text better (like you can in Print) - is there a way to do
> that in Writer?
> Thanks so much.
> Charles.

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