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Re: LibreOffice, Icons For Telegram Channels

Hello everyone,

InitiallyI would like to thank you for your feedback about the first
draft of Telegram icons. I've gathered your comments for my first
proposal and I've prepared a second draft. There you can find a second
version for LibreOffice Mexico channel, a second version for LibreOffice
French channel and a second version for LibreOffice Design channel. Also
you can find three icon models: one for LibreOffice Albania channel, one
for LibreOffice Portugal, and one for LibreOffice Sweden. Here is the

If you want add new icons or want to improve the existing ones, please
keep in mind:

1. The colors of palette should be from Marketing and Branding TDF Color
Table (Color Table,,except the red
color. The red (#FF0B23) which is used for icons is not from color
table, since there was no red color in color table.
2. The new icons shouldn't be similar with the existing one due to the
potential confusion that they might generate. For this reason, the new
icons may contain the same colors with any existing icon, but the color
composition (placement) should not be the same.
3. The logo should not be changed by adding additional graphic elements
to the "Document Symbol" (Guidelines and Best Practices,
4. For icons related to flags, the applied colors should be adjusted
according to Marketing and Branding TDF Color Table (Color Table,
5. keeping the same proportions for the icon size is quite important if
we want to have a [more]consistent presence.
Below you can find the comments you sent for my first draft, and my
responses for respective comments.
*Comment from Heiko Tietze:*
/I like flat icons and your proposal definitly complies with the
branding guideline. But what identifies design, for example, with black
or dark grey/green? Just color is hard to understand- but admittely easy
to distinguish later. And please keep in mind that Telegram makes
everything round. After loading the image I've seen the tiny connector
lines. Beautiful! But unfortunately you need a hires screen to perceive
this unzoomed. The country icons are super funny when compared against
each other. Love Hebrew/Israel. And Brasil :)/
/Thank your for your feedback, Heiko! Indeed, the green connector lines
are not obviously visible in a small scale of icons. For this reason, I
made made some improvements, coloring the lines in ice blue (#63BBEE)
from the brand guidelines. Now, I think they look clearly as connector
lines. For more, please check out the second draft for icons!  I saw
that there is a new icon on the Telegram channel, so feel free to keep
the one that you think does the job :)/
*Comment from Sophie Gautier:*
/Just one thing about the icons for countries, we base our projects on
language, not countries, so we should be very careful when using flag
colors, on the FR channel for example, we welcome all people coming from
French speaking countries, not only from France, hence the use of the
Francophonie colors./

/This is correct Sophie//,//and thanks for the feedback. I was wondering
what happens to communities that want to identify themselves from the
location and have a Teleram group? In any case the idea is to improve
the actual visual presence of these Telegram groups gradually starting
from the ones that are recognized from TDF.

*Comment from Fito:*
/Hey Kristi, thank you for creating an icon for LibreOffice Mexico =)
much appreciated. Have you looked at adding another visual element
associable to countries/cultures beyond flat colors? (I’m thinking maybe
a background texture — for Mexico, a Maya calendar- or eagle
feather-themed motif would work, I guess). Especially since both Italy
and Mexico use very similar colors for their flags, their resulting
icons are not too representative of any country, I’m afraid. (BTW,
@kristicunga: while personally I’m not a fan of absolute flat design
*myself*, I’m pretty much on board with any effort towards a cohesive
image for our social media channels/accounts)/

/From a brief research I made, it's graphically impossible to add
traditional Mexican elements
(//, without
touching the "Document Symbol" which is not allowed, according to
guidelines (//
For this reason I made an other version of the icon, inspired by the
Mexican flag. Please, check out the second draft of Telegram icons!
Thank you for your feedback, Fito!/

Thank you and lilooking forward to your comments,


Kristi Çunga


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