Re: [Libreoffice-qa] is fdo#81113 a release blocker for 4.3.0?

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Re: [Libreoffice-qa] is fdo#81113 a release blocker for 4.3.0?


I do not thinks that one blocks the release of 4.3.0.
  • Although webquery is an important feature, I think not a lot of people use it in Calc to do daily jobs. If they do, they will not use a "fresh" libreoffice version to do so, they should choose "stable" versions.
  • Also, as I mentioned in that bug report, webquery works as expected using macro dispatcher (i.e., it was just broken for the UI run), see
  • I think we can say sth in the release notes about this issue (together with some other important issues which were not fixed in time)

After all, thanks a lot for the quick fix of this bug!

Kevin Suo

于 2014年07月16日 22:16, David Tardon [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] 写道:
Hi all,

Any opinions on $SUBJECT? The bug has got importance highest/critical;
unfortunately it was triaged a day too late... Note that this is just
one possible manifestation of the problem: the same misdetection (and
failure to open the file) can happen whenever a remote file is opened.
It depends on whether the file is detected before the Keynote filter is

Review for -4-3 is .