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Re: Sticker designs and merchandise ideas for FOSDEM

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 2:50 PM Mike Saunders <
[hidden email]> wrote

> If anyone has ideas or mockups, we'd love to see them :-)

Quite a few people have been making tile-able hexagon stickers, so some in
that format would be smart - both a basic folded-paper-logo design and
something clever.

> Also, we're thinking of other merchandise ideas for our booth at FOSDEM.

FIDO U2F keys, especially in USB C format, would be awesome. I've seen
branded ones but not found anyone who makes them for a reasonable price.

A LibreOffice Writer branded Perpetua pencil would be cool:

Would it be worth exploring the idea of selling coupons in advance through
a web store and having people collect the goods in Brussels, with limited
excess stock for walk-in customers? That way we wouldn't have so much left
over at the end. This would be especially applicable to one-off goods like
special t-shirts.



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