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Re: [libreoffice-l10n] Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Broken assumptions about menu structure in help content

With a limited time budget, I would say focus on any module expect
Impress & Draw. Some tasks are easier than others. Try to pick something
that requires the least amount of structural churn. Maybe only update
text content that has direct mentions to menu paths and skip the
embeddable "how to get" definitions etc.

There are also changes in context menus. Perhaps some items have simply
been removed - thus very easy to update.

My script for checking fileopen & filesave regressions was merged to
It is found inside the /qa directory, if you clone the project from


Sophia Schröder kirjoitti 16.5.2019 klo 17.51:

> Hello Ilmari, *,
> I would be happy to help too, but I'm afraid, I have no much time even
> in the next 2 weeks at least.
> But it would be great to see one of my pet bugs goes before 6.3 freeze
> arrives:
> What can I do (even with little time for now) for achieving this?
> BTW: How is your work with the shell script ongoing?
> Am 12.05.2019 um 19:42 schrieb Ilmari Lauhakangas:
>> Currently most of the help content referring to menus is incorrect and
>> has been for years. One reason for this sad situation is that due to
>> ancient structural decisions, it is outrageously difficult to adapt
>> the content to changes.
>> Here is the story in a nutshell:
>> 1. The help system is architected. Repetition in content related to
>> menu items is avoided by clever structuring (hooray! the savings!)
>> 2. Content is added, references to menus spread far and wide
>> 3. Menu item locations are changed in a massive redesign operation,
>> making the help content obsolete
>> The pain is mostly caused by assumptions that certain menus of certain
>> modules are identical. Impress and Draw are the most problematic in
>> this regard.
>> Then we have the "how to access" pages with increasingly mixed
>> content. Consider the one for Edit menu, which now contains wonderful
>> entries like "Choose Edit - ImageMap in Writer and Calc or Tools -
>> ImageMap in Impress and Draw" or entries referring to a completely
>> different menu like "Choose Tools - Bibliography Database" and "Choose
>> View - Navigator".
>> We need a system, where the help content concerning the location of
>> menu items is automatically generated from the menu bar definition
>> files. If shared information on menus is desired, it needs to be
>> produced automatically.
>> The reason I add l10n list in Cc is that I want to raise awareness of
>> the current situation. Having incorrect information translated into
>> nearly 200 languages just multiplies the number of negative
>> experiences. Translators cannot fix this on the level of strings, it
>> needs to be dealt with structurally. It would be great, if members
>> from the stronger translation teams (de, fr, id...) would participate
>> in the current manual effort on fixing the menu help information.
>> Here are a few patches from me that show, how the changes can be done:
>> If people get interested, I can offer assistance.
>> Ilmari

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