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Re: must press enter/return thrice to force new paragraph (sometimes)

Dwain Alford wrote:

 > hello,
 > i had this same problem with open office. i don't understand. i set style prefs and added some new
 > ones. there is a problem with the new one i call block 0.5. i also created a new default document.
 > i set line spacing to single and no bottom paragraph spacing. seems this is where the problem
 > begins.
 > the new default document:
 > i type a line. press enter/return twice and the cursor stays under the line until i press enter/
 > return again. then the problem goes away, until later in the document or not again. hit or miss.
 > the block 0.5 settings are based on the text body indent settings. the before and after text is
 > set at 0.5. i highlight all of the text to be blocked and double click the style setting. the
 > second and third paragraphs change, and the first one does not change.
 > i have attached a test document to see if anyone else gets the same result. i typed a two line
 > paragraph and the same press three times to force a paragraph is still a problem. i have
 > duplicated this on the windows os as well. i can't remember if i had the same problem when i was
 > using linux or not.
 > sure would like to resolve this problem.
 > cheers,
 > dwain

 > x[DELETED ATTACHMENT force paragraph test.odt, Open Doc]

I set the reply to the libreoffice users list, as the developers list wasn't the proper one.

I looked inside your document, and it appears that the first paragraph is inside a list, with the paragraph as its only list item. And it is a list with no bullet and no number. I have no idea how you got this. But that's why it behaves differently.

So I clicked in that paragraph, and then clicked on the "Toggle Bulleted List" Icon. Then a bullet appears, which you obviously don't want. So click on this icon again to remove the bullet. After this the paragraph behaves normally.

By the way, I didn't see any "block 0.5" style in the document. All the paragraphs had "Default Style".
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