Really bad file open interface for LO 6.4.1

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Really bad file open interface for LO 6.4.1

I've been using LO 6.4.1 on Xubuntu 18.04.4 for about a week now, and
for the most part it seems to be an improvement over 6.3, with two
glaring deficiencies:

1. The file open dialogue is slower - it used to take a fraction of a
second, now it takes one-two seconds.  Not a biggie, but

2. The operation of the dialogue is horrible.  With 6.3 and before,
the cursor showed up in the file name panel, which is the single most
important piece of data to input.  Instead, it now shows up in the
folder selector panel and it takes either a mouse navigation and extra
click, or EIGHT <tab>s to get to the file name panel.

When I am opening a file, I expect LO to preselect (and allow me to
change later, not right away) the directory (based on the default
setting) and I have not even checked to figure out what the other
seven tabs are for (I don't care), and give me immediate access to the
file name panel.  This is intuitively what a user expects when they
want to open a file - to input the name.

Now we have to navigate to the file name panel and then enter it.

This is just plain wrong.


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