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Recommended vector diagram format for Writer

I used to use EPS diagrams in my documents before LO dropped EPS vector
I keep trying to use SVG but there is always some issue with the import
preventing the use of the SVG diagram.
Converting the SVG to PDF exports the document well from Writer as PDF
but looks terrible on screen in Writer.
EMF gives the best all round results, but chat seems to indicate EMF is

So I am currently tending towards PNG at 300dpi.
I want to use a format with long term support in Writer as it was a pain
to have to replace all the diagrams when support for EPS was dropped, it
was a pain when image anchoring to paragraph changed somewhere in LO6..
and I had to reposition/fix most of the images in all my manuals.

Is there a recommendation for a diagram format going forward that I
should try to work with, should I be using EMF, does it have LTS.

Thanks, Steve

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