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Regarding FreeOffice in Manjaro

Dear Team,

I am a user of Manjaro for more than three years. I am very happy about it. The team behind Manjaro believes on convenience over freedom many times and their point of view is acceptable for me. They gave all the options to user to choose between the various alternatives (including proprietary ones) to some extend. There are two things that happened in Manjaro, recently which were went against Libreoffice.
1. Due to large size of LO, they moved out the LO from minimal iso.
2. They provide FreeOffice in their iso. Mainly planned to give a option between LO and FreeOffice during installation. This decision came up in the wake of new partnership between Manjaro and Softmaker. Both of them originates from same place and Softmaker went to Manjaro and made this partnership. There are mixed response from the community regarding the adoption of FreeOffice.
The point is that LibreOffice needs to work more to keep it in GNU/Linux distro also. We may need to reach out to the various distro teams and work out the deal / partnership.
Anybody can visit (in General Discussions) to read more about the community reactions on this issue.

Sreekanth V K

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