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Search results box in Calc

Using LO in up-to-date UbuntuStudio 1804 LTS

In any spreadsheet, when I use Ctrl-F and type in a search string, the Search Results dialog box displays results in 3 columns : Sheet, Cell, Content. This display has two annoying characteristics that I have not been able to change :

1. the whole box is too small so the the entire Contents column cannot be read. Certainly, there is a slider at the bottom and the whole box size can be dragged larger. But since there is no real-estate width limitations on the screen, it would be good to have the box appear wider by default.

2. the Cell column is too narrow by default to display more than 5 characters and I have to drag it larger every time. For example it displays $C$15  instead of $C$150.

It would be good if the default display settings could be modified to provide a larger width to the Cell column and a larger overall dialogue box size.

Can anybody explain where I might be able to modify some settings to achieve this result?


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