Sothern California Linux Expo (SCALE 9x)

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Sothern California Linux Expo (SCALE 9x)

Howdy List,

As already stated in the general Marketing ML, the LibreOffice community was invited to the upcoming SCALE 9x, Feb 25-27 2011 in LA.

After asking if anyone would be interested in working a booth at the expo, in an email sent to 13 people from the general ML and from the emails from a few others on the ML it appeared there was enough interest from people that I send an email to the SCALE organizers saying that LibreOffice would be there.

A page on the wiki seems the best way to coordinate our efforts. Perhaps /Events/2011/SCALE - will post a quick note the general Marketing list, later this evening, before creating the page structure - and create the page tomorrow so folks have some time to comment.

So - looking forward to getting to know the people new to me, and to working with those already known.

Meanwhile feel free to toss out ideas here: Not sure how large booths are at SCALE beyond, a 6 ft table, some chairs, a power drop and an internet connection (that's a nice touch). We can talk about ideas and move them to the wiki as needed.

Best wishes,

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